Safety Growth SA
Enthusiastic About Occupational Health & Safety

Let us introduce ourselves:


Safety Growth SA is an Occupational Health and Safety Consulting Company that can provide a complete safety program for any organisation, in order for them to meet their legal requirements as set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  

Focusing on various markets and industries, Safety Growth SA strives to ensure that our team (of professional experts), create an effective yet simple formula which will make it easy for you and your company to use in your business.

At Safety Growth SA we truly believe that meeting the purpose of the OHS Act is often simpler and indeed less expensive than anticipated by most people, providing that they make use of the right kind of help available to them.  

That is where Safety Growth SA’s knowledge and passion comes to your assistance.



Safety Growth SA is a division of house Neethling trading and projects (Pty) Ltd.